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Published on April 20th, 2011 | by Babar Bhatti


Why is Internet Phone Gaining More Popularity?

Guest Post by Zach Ripples

Internet phone had been looked at skeptically at the beginning when it failed to make its mark because of the many challenges that it faced. But now, it has turned the tides for good and changed altogether, the expectations phone subscribers used to have from their phone service. Now people can easily make international calls to their loved ones at throw away calling rates without any problem. Internet phone technology is highly advanced and the continuous research and development has been further increasing the offerings to the internet phone subscribers. Monthly budgets of individuals and businesses are always disturbed by big expenses and one of them has always been the never reducing and always buzzing phone bill. Now, both can relax in terms of the phone bills they used to pay. VoIP has introduced an extremely low cost method of calling for the phone users. Axvoice, Vonage, Viatalk and other reliable phone services offer flexible call plans that are not a burden on pocket.

With the ever increasing demand of customers, more and more VoIP providers have jumped in to provide the phone services. Calling plans have also been thoroughly worked on because of the competition as each new entrant into the VoIP industry is offering more cost effective and fuller options to its customers. The internet phone services have categorized the different plans for different customers so they don’t have to choose a plan because they were not available with a plan of their own choice.

There are many advantages of this new phone service. As the international travelling has been ever on the rise, people have started to miss their telephone when they take a trip abroad. One way of staying connected back home is to have a VoIP phone with them. Now they can easily get their internet phone connected with an internet connection and can easily make phone calls from anywhere in the world. This is not all; you can easily get connected with any landline or cell phone number within no time. Now people don’t even need to pay extra for availing this opportunity. They can even talk with more than one user simultaneously through the different features that are offered to them as subscribers to the phone service.

Service features are also one important reason why people like internet phone and prefer it over telephone. Now users can easily avail from the different features available out there and enjoy a fuller phone service than they used to have with telephone. Telephone services merely provided any additional facilities than just making and receiving phone calls. Even those few additional features had to be dearly paid for. Now most of the phone users do not have to pay anything extra to enjoy more features for their phone services. They can easily make use of all the different features without paying any cost for them. Even if they have to get some more advanced features not originally offered in the service, they can pay a nominal amount for them.

Always try not to make the decision of buying a phone service in haste. Take time before you decide on one. Often people heavily invest into a service and later repent on their decision. Customer reviews can also help you determine the right choice for your phone service.

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  2. xing_yp says:

    # Murtaza Khambati
    April 21st, 2011 @ 11:22 am

    Internet Phone, VOIP Phone, IP phone is banned in Pakistan by PTA.

    it is banned in china,too

  3. Murtaza Khambati says:

    Internet Phone, VOIP Phone, IP phone is banned in Pakistan by PTA.

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