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Published on June 28th, 2011 | by Arsalan Mir


[Update] More Charges on Prepaid Recharge/Reloads – By All Operators

Telecos are set to charge more on prepaid recharge or reloads.

Ufone have comes up maintenance charges applicable from 1st July, 2011. These charges are apart from government taxes and services charges already in place.

Dear Customer, To further exceed your expectations, a maintenance charge of 1.1% will be applicable on every recharge from 1st July 2011 along with government taxes.

Market leader, Mobilink have their version calling it operational fees.

1% operational fee will be applicable on all recharge through jazz load (applicable from July 1st, 2011)

While Telenor calls it Admin fee.

Dear subscriber, from 4th July, an Admin Fee of 1.5% will be levied on usage for all prepaid connections (talkshawk & djuice)

So far the charges from Telenor are the highest. Warid and Zong might come up with their versions soon. But, one question that remains unanswered is that when we have charges in place for helpline, CSR and other services, what justifies these maintenance/operation/admin charges? PTA, any comments?

Update 1:

Zong also gets in with same charges as Telenor.

Dear Customers, in order to further improve our services, all loading/recharge will be subject to 1.5% Operational Charge from 1st July 2011 (Govt taxes apply)

Now only Warid remains to announce their version.

Update 2:

Warid also joins the bandwagon, charges 1.5% maintenance charges.

Dear Customers, a maintenance charge of 1.5% will be applicable on every recharge from 25th Jul 2011 along with existing Government taxes.


Operator Charges
Ufone 1.10%
Mobilink 1.00%
Telenor 1.50%
Zong 1.50%
Warid 1.50%

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is a Telecom enthusiast with engineering background based in Lahore. On professional front, he is the Director Operations at the Target Group. He can be reached at arsalan (at) telecompk (dot) net

15 Responses to [Update] More Charges on Prepaid Recharge/Reloads – By All Operators

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  3. Putra Haikal says:

    MALAYSIA – effective from 1st september 2011, all mobile reloads will be subjected to 6% Service Tax

  4. Ather says:

    Call charges are applied for fair usage of helpline as people were tend to abuse help line service when it was free and in the era of inflation with so much competition in telecom sector operators have compelled to find new ways of revenue genration.

  5. TechPakora says:

    its pity now we are looking towards zong and warid soon they will also announce that kind of extra charges and pta will remain silent im sure about it.

  6. ISHAQ AHMED says:

    I strongly Condemn this act of All the mobile Operators……….Its not fair enough…..If they want any admin charges then they should only apply these kind of tactics on Calling their Help line only………..NOT on ever RECHARGE…..
    Just go to
    and Launch a complaint against all these operators…

  7. Arsalan Mir says:

    Telenor’s reply to my tweet for this post.

    Telenor Pakistan: @arsalanmir This is to make your experience better and to provide even higher standards of #service in the coming days :)

  8. Ahmed Afzal says:

    Is this not a case for the competition commission to look into? Are these companies not forming a cartel? The fee is exactly the same (1.5%) with different names and being implemented at the same time.

  9. Thats unfair. More than 1/3rd of the amount being recharged is snatched away by the Government and the Telcos. The rich, poor, old, young all are paying the indirect taxes and service charges, its absurd.

    I have a few concerns:

    1. Who authorized this? i.e. Are they liable to take permission from PTA? Was any such permission taken?

    2. There should be a consumer group for this, we should join our hands to condemn such acts with unison. TelecomPk can take the lead in forming a consumer society or something like that.

    3. PTA should order Telcos to issue “actual tariffs” by adjusting the withholding taxes and service charges

    • Arsalan Mir says:

      Afzal: This is indeed a case for CCP to look into. Whatever they call it, I see this more like a fuel surcharge.

      Bilal: This a group move by all Telecos. The authority who can question this is the CCP. Regarding actual tariffs, PTA has instructed Telecos to make consumers aware of all concerned charges and taxes and Telecos are doing this.

  10. Shen says:

    really true MR. Saleem khan,
    we react when the water flows over our head.. let the world and our government ruin Pakistan totally then may be a change will come… we dont understang the logic of precaution is better then cure…

  11. Saleem Khan says:

    I’m sure, very soon Government will announce TAX like Mobile Carrying Tax…that will be 25 to 50 Rs per month. :)

    If we can pay PTV tax with Electric Bills, why not mobile carrying tax too.

  12. Saleem Khan says:

    Attitudes matters too…people are so shameless that will never learn from bad experiences.

    Suppose, if any of these telecom company announces that we will not charge for helpline, service charges, this n that maintenance fee…Do U think people will port their number on that network? I can foresee that PAKISTANIS will not port their numbers (Companies knows this psychology of Pakistanis behavior quite well). So in such case, let them pay as they want. What, if they want to be looted and robbed themselves. Why we have to bother.

    Dear, these posts are for those, who can sense and understand things. Pakistan society is touching its lowest level of EMAN and ETHICS. No body bothers, who is dying with poverty…even not feels bad in heart.

    I want that companies should charge more and more…lets wait n see…what is maximum tolerance level of this herd. I doubt, they ll raise voice, even companies charge 100% as mobile holding fee. :)

  13. Saleem Khan says:

    PAKISTAN is hub of “Worst Case Scenario” type of case studies for the rest of world. Either its social issue, business practices, human temperament, medical science, technology, or worst engineering.

    Everybody is doing what he wants to do. PTA has closed its eyes since departure of Musharraf. Since then, we are just seeing hype in increased taxes, hidden call charges, increase in International in-bound calls and lack of quality service.

    Corruption was going on before too but PTA was answerable to someone or had fear of someone. Now, Government itself is playing role of International Robbers….how a small institution like PTA can be answerable…

    Working on one moto… ROB and RAPE people as you like…but share with Government too.

    I have seen an increasing trend in Private World Class Companies operating in Pakistan that…they are selling inferior quality in Pakistan with same brand name and shape..that they are selling with high quality in rest of world.

    Nestle, P&G, UniLever can not dare to sell inferior quality products in world but can sell water kind of milk, shampoo etc in PAKISTAN.

    So no worries, there should be some case study place for whole world. What if PAKISTAN has accepted this role and everybody is testing his/her experiment here.

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