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Published on October 25th, 2011 | by Haseeb Ahmed


5 Features Windows Adapted From Mac

Over the past few years Operations Systems & how users interact with them has evolved a great deal. GUI, Mouse, Keyboard, etc were initially introduced by Xerox who failed to explain it which is why it was sold to Apple. Microsoft also liked this idea of GUI & made out ,there own GUI for Windows. Since then Apple & Microsoft have been in a war against each other, releasing new versions of there Operating System, every time one OS including some good element from the other OS but with a different approach.

In our every day lives we hear people claim that Microsoft stole idea of Windows from Mac while there are very few people who would know that Apple & Microsoft have both been stealing ideas from each other. In this post we’ll only be discussing some of the top 5 features that Microsoft Windows adapted from Apple Mac OS. Here I’ll be comparing Windows 7 with Mac OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard.


1. Windows Taskbar : Mac OS Dockbar

Finally Microsoft has remade the Windows Taskbar. Now it is something similar to Mac OSX Dockbar, as Windows Taskbar is the place to launch applications or minimize open windows. You can also drag to rearrange applications & a running application has a box around it (In Mac OSX, running apps have a little dot underneath there icons). Apple got this from Steve Job’s NeXtstep OS which stole it from Acorn’s Arthur OS of 1987.

2. Windows Jump Lists : Dockbar Menus

Both Windows & Mac OS have had taskbar/dockbar menus but the latest taskbar menus in Windows 7 are almost the same in functionality, not only to dockbar menu in Mac OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard but also the dockbar menus in Mac OSX Leopard. Taskbar/Dockbar menus both allows you to access files or different operations related to the software for which the Jump List is being viewed.

3.Aero Peek : Exposé

Mac OS Exposé feature debuted back in 2003 in the Mac OSX Panther. Windows Aero Peek & Mac OSX Exposé pretty much do the same thing but with different approaches. Mac OSX Exposé instantly hides are windows & shows you the desktop & then brings all windows back by sliding in/out the windows while Windows Aero Peek does the same thing but instead of sliding out, its transparent/vanishes them & then brings them back.

4.File Previews

Mac OSX Cheetah first introduced File Previews in its explorer’s column view, back in 2000. Microsoft Windows Vista & Windows 7 have caught up with the Mac OSX file previews by being able to play audio & display videos while still Windows is not able to display text files or documents in previews while Mac OSX Quick Look does a great job at it by displaying every page of the document in the preview.

5.Gadgets : Widgets

Mac users have been playing with widgets since Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger. Windows Vista introduced Gadgets, which are almost same to what widgets are. Mac comes bundled with more Widgets then Windows comes with Gadgets but both of the OS offers a whole gallery of widgets/gadgets online.

(source: InfoWorld)

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