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Published on October 27th, 2011 | by Haseeb Ahmed


5 Features Mac Adapted from Windows

In our earlier post we discussed 5 Features Windows Adapted From Mac. Now, in this post we shall take a look and discuss on 5 Features that Mac has adapted from Windows.

There are a lot more than 5 features that either Windows got from Mac or Mac got from Windows, but i would just like to discuss the most interesting & top 5 ones here.

Finder Sidebar : Windows Navigation Pane

Finder Sidebar debuted in Mac OS 10.3 Panther, two years after Windows XP introduced Windows Navigation Pane. Both have pretty much the same functionality, which is to sit by the folders windows & provide a hierarchical view of the folders making it easy to navigate between them or move/copy data between different folder. Though Microsoft also took the triangles from Mac OSX because before Vista they had used “+” & “-” signs to expand or collapse lists.

Minimizing into Original App Icons

Apple Mac OSX 10.6 Leopard adds this new minimizing feature which is disabledĀ  by default. What is does is that it allows you to minimize to the Original App Icon on the Dockbar instead of creating a new icon for the minimized window. This is something that Microsoft has been doing from a long time with there taskbar.

Screen Sharing : Remote Desktop Connection

Apple Mac OSX 10.5 leopard introduces a new, useful but very less known feature of Screen Sharing which is also accessible through iChat. Screen Sharing allows you to see other Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger or Later Mac’s Screen & also control it. Windows has this features since Windows XP, called Remote Desktop Connection. Microsoft even provided a Mac version of Remote Desktop Connection to Mac Tusers, before Apple introduced Screen Sharing.

Command+Tab : Alt+Tab

Since Windows 3 (1990’s), windows users have been at the ease of switching between running application windows by using the Alt+Tab feature. Apple copied it & introduced it using Command+Tab in Mac OSX 1.3 Panther in 2003. Microsoft did copy the functionality of using arrow keys to navigate in the Alt+TabĀ  menu & added it to Windows Vista. Windows Vista also did add the feature to view Windows previews in 3D using Flip 3D feature in the Aero Theme.

System Preferences : Control Panel

Earlier Mac OSX used to have system configurations in separate files called Control Panels. Microsoft took the name but put them all in one convenient place, called Windows Control Panel. Later on, Apple took this idea & implemented it into Mac OSX 10.0 Cheetah & called it System Preferences. Unline the Control Panel, System Preferences has a uniformity in the UI & doesn’t tend to open new windows.

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