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Published on November 22nd, 2011 | by Bilal Sulehri


SmartChoice.Pk – Broadband Package Selection Made Easy

SmartChoice.Pk is a recently launched website featuring first of its kind broadband comparison tool in Pakistan.

The site aggregates package information of all the broadband service providers in Pakistan and enables the users to choose the package which suits their needs by selecting a few options on the broadband comparison tool.

How to search

Users may select their desired option in the following:

  • Broadband Tariff
  • Broadband Speed
  • Download Limit
  • City

First three can be left blank to include all possible options. The results can be sorted by cheapest price, highest rating and download limit. Search results are organized in a nicely designed table which displays a maximum of fifteen packages at a time (by default).

Lets test it

We searched with the following settings:

  • Broadband Tariff: Rs. 1,000 maximum per month
  • Broadband Speed: Any
  • Download Limit: More than 10 GB per month
  • City: Lahore
  • Sort By: Highest Rating

The results are shown below:

Here, as seen in the image, packages can be sorted by speed, download limit and price in both ascending and descending order. Results per page can be changed from default 15 to 10, 20 or 30 per page.


The feature I really like in SmartChoice.Pk is that the package details can be viewed straight from this page. You can click on ‘GO’ button at extreme right or click on the respective provider logo to view package details. Details of all packages are available on the site, so instead of going to the service provider’s page to view the details, it directs to a page within SmartChoice.Pk where packages from different service providers are available in a unified format, hence comparing and analyzing is easier.


Thumbs up

Another thing that should be appreciated is “Whats Included” checklist. Customers can add reviews or enquire from relevant service provider by filling information in a form below the broadband plan details being viewed. The page can be emailed to a friend and package can be added to a shortlist.

What’s missing?

Although the comparison tool is quite comprehensive, it still misses a few features. Some features, which should have been there are as follows:

  • Sorting by rating is available, but it is nowhere to be seen in search results
  • A filter to choose between wireless and fixed line connections
  • A filter to choose between USB dongles, WiFi, indoor units etc
  • A filter to choose packages from a specific service provider only (or a checklist to do the same)
  • A comparison tool to compare packages from two service providers only
  • A tool to compare two packages
  • The last one is a pretty difficult task but if present, this tool would have been the best one in the world for such comparison. An area picker for major cities which would select packages based on their availability (or signals) in the selected area.

 Other goodies

Apart from the comparison tool, the site also contains a broadband speed test utility which is actually a widget powered by Users can also seek advice from experts if they are undecided about the most suitable plan via Ask the Broadband Expert page, we tried to mail them but unfortunately the form given on the page does not work as it opens the default mail program with as recipient address, but a mail to the said address bounces back as well.

About also contains a blog which has two posts currently to engage with the users. The blog however needs frequent updates. The site is a project of Solcomm (Pvt.) Ltd which was incorporated in March 2011 with head office in Karachi.


Cutting it short, is an innovative effort as it simplifies the selection of broadband packages for not-so-knowledgeable users. We hope that the site keeps improving and can become the ultimate broadband package comparison tool.

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4 Responses to SmartChoice.Pk – Broadband Package Selection Made Easy

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  2. Ammar Faheem says:

    Dear Team TelecomPK,

    We are glad to see our website reviewed here in such detail. Indeed, we have tried to introduce a new concept and fill-in a gap that we believed existed in helping consumers understand broadband and improve their buying decisions.

    We have taken a note of your “What’s Missing” section and will definitely consider them seriously.

    We have also noted down the bugs you have highlighted and we will make sure those are rectified as soon as possible.

    The industry’s support, such as this review, will be vital in not only encouraging us but also in guiding us so we may respond to genuine needs.

    Thanks again!

    Ammar Faheem

    • Bilal Sulehri says:

      Thank your very much for such nice words. always supports good initiatives like

      Kindly update us as soon as the bugs are removed and suggestions implemented.

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