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Published on December 1st, 2011 | by Bilal Sulehri


#mobiradar – Mobilink HTC Radar Launch Event


As discussed in a previous post, Mobilink announced Pakistan’s first Windows Phone Mango device, HTC Radar a few days ago. On November 30, the device was finally released in an exclusive meet-up with bloggers. The meet-up was held in Bistro 201 and was attended by more than 50 prominent bloggers of Lahore.

Saad Hamid from Mobilink and Mr. Naeem Tabish, CEO Brightex gave a presentation about Windows Phone Mango and HTC Radar.

Mr. Naeem focused more on HTC Radar and demonstrated some specific functions and improvements of HTC Radar like better camera lens and HTC Locations.

However, we already knew that:

HTC Radar’s intuitive OS allows its users to consolidate their contacts at one place (People Hub) and interact with them via text or IM simultaneously. The wonderful Facebook and Twitter integration in the very core of Mango is unparalleled and offers a complete social experience.

It was pretty obvious that the CEO of Brightex had not use the phone before and came with little or no preparation. Hence his presentation was quite boring and disappointing. He missed on the tight integration offered by Mango and features like Voice Commands and search in applications which were not present in Windows Phone 7.

Mr. Tahir from Microsoft gave the best presentation of all and announced various incentives for new developers looking to develop apps for Windows Phone.

Finally Rizwan Anwar won HTC Radar from Mobilink by solving an interesting set of numbers which represented four devices which have been launched by Mobilink in the past. The event ended with Microsoft and Brightex giving shirts, mugs and hampers to all and a nice dinner at the roof top.



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11 Responses to #mobiradar – Mobilink HTC Radar Launch Event

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  2. Kashif Alvi says:

    Great Job done once again Mobilink. Keep em coming. It was about time that someone came in with a Windows Phone. Next one, NOKIA LUMIA ! People need to appreciate Windows Phones – they are a blast!

  3. Bilal Sulehri says:

    @Kashif: why are you autoblogging our complete posts?

  4. Bilal Sulehri says:

    @Kashif: Here is the link

  5. zulfi says:

    No doubt HTC is better, but quite expensive too..perhaps mobilink should give free HTC’s to some of his customer under some campaign :-)

  6. Syed Kashif says:

    It was no doubt a very nice smart phone. Very nice presentations were given by the presenters. And the question for the competition was really good. Had a great time over there. And video was very nice. I want the link of that video developed by Microsoft..

  7. Shomail says:

    Seems like HTC will be soon taking over quite a bit of market place in smart phones. I guess that more because of it’s features and openness.

    • Bilal Sulehri says:

      HTC has already taken over a reasonable chunk of the market, its doing very well in the Pakistani smartphone market as well.

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