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Published on December 21st, 2011 | by Bilal Sulehri


PTI Android App

Political parties in Pakistan are known for their tantrums in press conferences but not in the Social Media, PTI has changed this trend by embracing the online world with open arms and letting loose a number of uncontrolled soldiers with the aim of propagating PTI’s version of change. The trend was soon picked up by other parties as notably, Khadim-e-Aala established his Facebook page some time ago.

Dayem Pasha, a PTI supporter & a web designer, has given his party another head start by making an unofficial app for PTI which is available for download on the Android Market. The App is called Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf and is available for free download.

In an exclusive interview with TelecomPk, Dayem said

“I created this app a month ago when i realised that there was nothing in the android marketplace about Imran Khan and his struggle for freedom”

He further added that

“Its a an unofficial app and is free as my gift to all the PTI members and anyone generally interested in PTI”

Here are some screen shots:

The Android application by Dayem is a basic app which has the following sections:

  • About
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Annual Membership
  • Imran Khan Quotes
  • Become a member

You can find posts, statuses videos and tweets in Facebook, Youtube and Twitter sections and quotes of PTI Chairman Imran Khan in the appropriately named section. Annual membership section shows bank and registration information meant only for UK Residents which is a let down. Finally, the about section shows mission, ideology, manifesto and constitution of the party.

Lets take a quick look on the app (video taken from Android Market)

When asked about whether he had planned to develop similar apps for other platforms and contacting PTI to make this an official app, Dayem responded:

“I am in the process of making the app for the Apple platform which again will be free and plan to contact  PTI after its launch.  I plan to update the app with more information and live feeds”

He summed up the discussion in these words:

“Am really inspired by Imran Khan and consider him a a bit of a role model. Although i have not advertised this app anywhere i am aware that it is being downloaded at a steady pace only by the hardcore fans who are searching for the app in the android market. It gives me great pride to realise that its being used by like minded people to keep in touch with PTI activities on the go.”

The application is pretty basic, but still Dayem deserves appreciation for coming with Pakistan’s first political application listed on Android Market.

Disclaimer: The writer is neither associated nor supports PTI

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  1. nothing but publicity … instead of this he can put picture of quid e azam coz quaid is in our pocket in form of coin or rupees but still we have forgotten him

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