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Published on February 1st, 2012 | by Basit Ali


BlackBerry App World Now Available in Pakistan

**** UPDATES – Feb 2, 2012  –App World stopped working again.

As some of you have already commented on the post, the App World is not loading again. It’s not working for me again too. Here is what happened:

Feb 1, 2012 – 8:02AM – SMS received from “Ufone” saying: “Great News!!! BlackBerry App World is now available for Ufone subscribers….”

Feb 1, 2012 – after 8am – I tried running app world on following

  • A BlackBerry handset on Ufone – App world worked
  • A BlackBerry handset on Mobilink – App world worked
  • A BlackBerry playbook on WiFi – App world worked

I also downloaded several free and paid apps on my phone and Playbook.

Feb 2, 2012 – around 1am – App World stopped working on both playbook as well as cellphones

Feb 2, 9:50 am – Talked to Ufone BlackBerry help line 991 about it, they said “We are aware of the problem and we are working to fix it. Please wait”

Feb 2, 10:00 am – Talked to Mobilink BlackBerry help line on 120, they said “We have no official information about the launch of AppWorld in Pakistan”

**** Original post follows:

Finally there is some good news for BlackBerry users in Pakistan. I can clearly see Research In Motion is seriously working in expanding their market all across the world. As a Smartphone is recognized by the type of apps it runs, BlackBerry has been orphaned in Pakistan due to unavailability of the official App Sore called BlackBerry App World. Both paid as well as free content are now available in Pakistan. You can download apps, games and themes from the store via on-device App World store as well as over the Internet from your PC.

BlackBerry users in Pakistan have been very unhappy, not only due to unavailability of App World but also about blocking of the BlackBerry apps that use BlackBerry Internet Services (BIS). These blocked apps include Facebook, Twitter and all other apps that use internet via BIS. This blocking took place in conjunction with blocking of blasphemous pages over the internet. PTA had banned access to those sits and while local telcos could not control or block access via BIS, they blocked BIS altogether.

Last month BIS access was silently restored, first on Ufone and now on other networks as well. This was for sure to facilitate the availability of App World in the country.

Not only BlackBerry users but Mobile App Developers from Pakistan have been highly disturbed and handicapped by the unavailability of the BlackBerry App World and BlackBerry Internet Services. Now we can expect more cool and innovative work from local companies in terms of apps as we’ve seen by and some other cool start-ups.

Research In Motion and BlackBerry has been in news for past few months for all the wrong reasons while the new CEO Thorsten Heins is of the view that nothing significant needs to change in RIM’s business strategy. Year 2012 is critical for the company’s future success and we are looking forward to some cool new devices, new OS and some new services from RIM in year 2012.

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16 Responses to BlackBerry App World Now Available in Pakistan

  1. umer says:

    Can bb 10 work just fine on a prepaid connection as well since i hrd that bb 10 doesnt need bis ?

  2. Basit Ali says:

    @ Atif, pls see this post, it has link and details:

  3. Atif says:

    can anyone send me the link to download app world for Blackberry ? thanks

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  5. Nauman says:

    Apps Store is not accessible as of today. I checked it on Mobilink netwok and is not working.

  6. Asif says:


    Guys wanna use app world in playbook jst change proxy settings in playbook add another proxy an get in app world

  7. Mehmood says:

    Yeah that’s true. It was working when I was on os 2 beta. After update it’s not working again.

  8. Khumzz says:

    Bull crap. It worked when I had my playbook on beta 2.0.6168 ithink. Never on the factory os 1 or 2.0 for that matter

  9. Saad Thahim says:

    You haven’t mentioned what exactly happened to App World why did it stopped working ?Did black berry again blocked it, or was it a hack by ufone which got caught ?

  10. LReid says:

    Is anyone else having problems with Blackberry App World. Mine has not been working for the past 2 days. What is the problem?

  11. Az says:

    I’m still not able to use the app world on my playbook and I don’t think that has anything to do with Ufone or Mobilink as I’m using a WiFi connection after all right. Anyway, will check for updates here.

  12. Basit Ali says:

    You’re right guys, it’s not working again :(

    Will update you in a few minutes, talking to some helpline guys.

  13. zubair says:

    It is not working on by BES+.

  14. Az says:

    I’m using my playbook and i can’t access the app world so this might only be for smartphones :(

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