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Published on February 15th, 2012 | by Arsalan Mir


3G – Don’t Allow Confusions to Push it Back!

We have discussed all things 3G manier times earlier. But as the Spectrum License auctions draws near we have some opposing elements to raise confusions over the matter. Recently the Senate Standing Comittee on IT have asked PTA to incorporte some of their recommendations in the in the 3G Policy.

The recommendations put forward are:

  1. Auction one technology license i.e. 3G licenses only. The terms 4G/LTE and technology neutral should not be used
  2. 4G/LTE should be licensed later
  3. Increase the base price – US $ 210m to US $ 291m
  4. Defaulters not be allowed to participate

Before we discuss on these recommendations it is worthy to note that these come in after the policy have been approved following a long process chain during last few years. It had gone from the MoITT to Federal Cabines, revised and only then approved by the PM before finally passing it on to PTA for implementation and calling in for the License Auctions.

Now as the investors have geared up for the show and the investment oppurtunities are all set to come in, the Senate Comittee have its reservations. Late, isn’t it?

Coming back to the recommendations, we shall try to make it easy for all to understand.

Number 1. It should be clear for all that it is not the technology being auctioned. The auction have clearly been called in for wireless specturm of 10Mhz band. Succesful bidders can opt to introduce any technology (3G/4G/LTE) they can in this spectrum band. Did we have license auctions for GPRS or for a fact for EDGE services introduction? No, because they were offered in the same spectrum being used for 2G. If I am not wrong, we also did not have a separate auction for WiMax services. Thus, arguing on calling it a 3G only license is baseless.

Number 2. As explained above this is technically not possible and is also against globally accepted norms. If its about a democratic revenge, it can only be made possible politically.

Number 3. We have discussed it technically in our earlier post. Putting it again; the standard and fair measure to compute the base price is ‘per-megaherts-per-year‘ and 3G being auctioned as a 10Mhz band license and not 13.xMhz band (2G), the base price comes to the same. Simple maths!

Number 4. Considering the dues PTCL owes to the government of Pakistan that are being delayed time and again, we find this as the only reasonable recommendation.

In Pakistan, it’s already late for upgradation of any spectrum dependant wireless technology. We now must not leave confusions in the air and try to push it backwards. For all the bright side ProPakistani has highlighted in its post on the same subject, let us act sensible and voice our opinion at all platforms to let these opposing elements know that we have every rights for better communication services for ourselves.

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is a Telecom enthusiast with engineering background based in Lahore. On professional front, he is the Director Operations at the Target Group. He can be reached at arsalan (at) telecompk (dot) net

5 Responses to 3G – Don’t Allow Confusions to Push it Back!

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  3. moosa says:

    it was decided .. vodafone is selected

  4. Qalandar says:

    In the heat of intellectual/political discussions taking place these days on various subjects in print & audio-visual media, , non payment of govtt. dues,that too in foreign exchange, by Etisalat has almost gone into oblivion. Is non-transfer of some of the PTCL landed properties onto the name of PTCL is that grave a situation which has almost de-barred the govtt. from getting the legitimate payment?Insertion of provisions incorporated into the Sale Purchase Agreement (SPA)between Etisalat & GoP (which leaverages Etisalat not to make payment unless all properties get transferred onto the name of PTCL)wasn’t a big undue favour?

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