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Published on February 20th, 2012 | by Haseeb Ahmed


[Advice] 6 Ways to Boost your PC

Just like humans, computer have health too & if users don’t take good care of there PCs they usually slow down & start halting after regular interval. If users just follow a few basic guidelines and perform maintenance tasks regularly there PCs would stay healthy & chances of halting or slowing down would be reduces to great extent. Below are 6 maintenance tasks that you can perform weekly or monthly but regularly to keep your PC running smooth as silk.

Protection against Viruses, and Beware of Ad-ware/Spyware

Viruses put your PCs at great risk. They have the potential to corrupt all of your data or even damage your computer hardware which puts your personal or confidential data at a risk of loss. On the other hand, Ad-ware is a potentially unwanted program that without your permission starts displaying Ads from different publisher and sometimes it can also display unwanted Adult Ads, while Spyware steals your private information such as usernames & password without your permission hence protection against Viruses, Ad-wares and Spywares is necessary. There are a few really effective Antivirus in the market that you can buy & install to protect your PCs, top 3 recommended are given below:

  1. Kaspersky
  2. McAfee
  3. Symmantec

Free up Disk space

Windows Disk Cleanup tool allows you clean your PC and removed all the unwanted files which slow down or take up your precious memory. You should use Disk Cleanup tool to remove:

  • Temporary Internet Files
  • Files in Recycle bin
  • Optional Windows components that you don’t use
  • Delete old unused restore points and shadow copies
  • Temporary Windows files, such as error reports
  • Downloaded program files such as ActiveX or Java applets
  • Installed programs that you don’t use

Fast access to data

Fragmentation usually happens when a large number of files are copied or a new program or new version of Windows is installed. When a PC reads a files it has to collect its bits & pieces from different parts of the Hard disk which reduces the data access speed hence also slows down your PC. De-fragmentation is an easy solution to your problems, you can use the Windows Disk Defragmenter to Defragment your disk and place all parts of a files file in one place on the Hard disk so that your PC can easily and with fast access, access you data.

Detect & repair Disk errors

As you use your PC, Hard disks start developing bad sectors that make tasks such as reading & writing to Hard disk difficult or even sometimes impossible for the computer. To keep your computer healthy, you must also use Error Checking Utility with Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter to save your PC from data loss or unwanted halts. The more frequent you use your PC, the more regularly you must be running this utility.

Learn about Ready Boost

If your using Windows Vista or Windows 7, you can use the new innovation in Windows from Microsoft, called Ready Boost which allows you to use non-volatile memory such as a USB to be used as RAM without having to install any additional memory modules into your PC.

Upgrade to latest version of windows

Usually when new updates or versions of Windows come they are equipped with the latest technology, innovations, security patches, etc to improve your PC’s security, performance and ease of use — Hence whenever a new update or a new version of Windows is released you must instantly install it to keep your PC update to date and healthy.

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