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Published on April 25th, 2012 | by Arsalan Mir


Mobilink’s Jazba Does the Copy Act Again

Mobilink’s Jazba which kicked off with copied logo does it again, this time with the art-work used to honour the newly engaged brand ambassador Atif Aslam.

Concept rip-off or copying have long been a part of Pakistan’s Telecom Industry when it comes to adverts and promotions. Talking about the recent re-launch of the Mobilink’s Jazba brand, designer Vakas Siddiqui has accused the creative team involved in video production of  “Juro Gey Tu Janu Gey” song for copying and using his artwork without his consent.

In the above image you can see both artworks side by side. This original poster was designed by Vakas for Stirngs concert at IVS in 2010 and is published on his website in February 2011.

This was least expected from a brand of this level, they should take care of such things before releasing out to public. They say “juro gey toh jano gey”  and talk about believing in yourself which is very positive and strong message, but this small negligence brings all the Jazba down. We all need to take care of our areas of specializations and respect others work.

Vakas Siddiqui

I am amazed at the fact that copied logo was not enough of a lesson for the team. Indeed a shame when a brand talking about Jazba does the copy-act twice.

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is a Telecom enthusiast with engineering background based in Lahore. On professional front, he is the Director Operations at the Target Group. He can be reached at arsalan (at) telecompk (dot) net

10 Responses to Mobilink’s Jazba Does the Copy Act Again

  1. Arsalan ansari says:

    hahahah nice saying basit both r theive. waqas siddique sahab app to asay bol rahey hai jaisey app ney khud designe kiya ho ye art work

  2. Syed Kashif says:

    This is very shameful that a brand like Mobilink is doing a copy paste work. And specially for the Juzba which is targeting youth. And it would definitely leave a bad image in the mind of PAkistani’s.. IF such big brands do this then what about people getting inspired from such brands…?

  3. basit147 says:

    i may be that both used the same mockup template and both had no creativity

    now the question is who purchased and who pirated

  4. @Hassan S. agreed, Mobilink goofed up here again, When Atif started his career he was part of Jal Band, where as this poster and video shows him starting his career Solo.

    “Such” Jazba hoga tu phir “Sachy” Waqiyaat per mabni video aisi hi hogi na :P

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  6. Hassan S. says:

    Not just the poster in the new Jazba Music Video was copied but the story of Atif Aslam that they are portraying is Fake.

    Read the article below for details.

  7. @Ammar: But now having seen the original design, Jazz Jazba must apologize and give credit to the original designer.

  8. Ammar Faheem says:

    This is bad, very very bad!! But then again, it is the concept designer who is the culprit, most people approving the design would not have seen the Vakas Siddiqui original poster design and hence this must have gotten approved.

  9. Abhi tu aur pata nahi kia kia jananay ko mila ga :D

    Juro “Gay” tu Jano “Gay”

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