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Published on May 8th, 2012 | by Bilal Sulehri


HTC One X System Update Available In Pakistan

After receiving 1.28 update in Europe a week ago, System Update OTA for HTC One X is now available in Pakistan. You will automatically receive the following notification when you switch on your WiFi on your HTC One X in Pakistan:

Exact details of improvements offered in the update are unknown, but the system update 1.28.707.10 is rumored to improve the following:

  • Battery life
  • Nvidia Tegra 3 games
  • Beats Audio
  • HTC Sense crashes

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20 Responses to HTC One X System Update Available In Pakistan

  1. sohail says:

    I have htc one x plus and its aoftware number is 1.20.661.3 i bought it from uae there its wifi was working fine but here its keep searching can any one help me in this regard…..

  2. Mateen says:

    If theres any htc one x plus user then help me out to fix my wifi issue….when i turned it on it keeps on searching ..nothing else got displayed:(

  3. Mateen says:

    Htc one x plus…..sorry for spell mistAkes in previous comment….

  4. Mateen says:

    Salaam….i have htc one d plus ans its wifi isnot working…when i turn on wifi it keeps on searching nothing eouter is in my room and its signal strength full on laptop…help me out guys

  5. Hasan says:

    I have a working solution for this problem. It is indeed true sv 1.19.707.1 wont get any updates OTA from us…i mean HTC because the sv 1.19.707.1 was a pre-release stable test version :-). And HTC in their haste to match the GS3 didn’t let their devs do the final release and launched a whole lot of phones with 1.19.707.1 version. The result was that it being a pre-release wouldn’t get OTA updates. However a customed patch which i have managed to extract from HTC Office will solve this problem and i have already sorted it out with my friend HOX. Below are the files which will help you update it but make sure you have their WWE version and no its not related to wrestling.

    furthermore that i have personally tested and used the files below but i shall not be responsible for any “BRICKING” of your phone. Its not EXPERT PROGRAMMING…its common sense…hope it works for you all.


    • optimistpk says:

      Dear Hassan!

      Kindly send me the link or the files, so that I can download them and make my phone working. Waiting for your reply. Thanks, My email id is sohail.shabbir

      • Just copy paste the following any of the following lines on Google


        You will find a number of links to download

  6. haris says:

    @ zohaib now your problem can be solved, I went to HTC shop yesterday they insert some patch in my one x and just after that OTA update appears and now my set have 1.28.707.10 version . where you live ic in karachi then go to forum . the guy knows how to do that. one change is instant ,previously on every restart it shows android is updating and optimizing application which is now not appearing .

  7. Haris Aziz says:

    Hi guys, after my several emails to HTC Pakistan (brightex) today I recieve a call from them, and they told me that they now receive an update patch which can fix the problem and after that OTA updates will be appear. Also they said they started this in Lahore and today they are transferring this patch to Karachi and after there technician get trained they can do that in Karachi too. They said I can go to HTC shop tomorrow for this. And if this won’t solve my problem than I can have replacement too. So I hope it will help us all. So fingers crossed

  8. Haris Aziz says:

    If it’s true then HTC one X is my first and last cell from HTC. Who wants to be stuck on ancient version where people are getting 3 updates. And brightex are also culprits as they made us to purchase this set.
    HTC one X is perfect if it don’t have screen flickering issue, but with kind of support I will not buy it again, and I want people in Pakistan not to buy his phone atleast if it has this software. Version.

  9. Zohaib Saeed says:

    I contacted HTC Singapore and they are saying that. users with software number 1.19.707.1 won’t get any. Software. Update until they send their mobiles. To. Singapore. For. Manual. Update. As they are shipped from there.

  10. haris aziz says:

    @bilal … yes i tried many times , infact every day . at home i am always connected with wifi .

  11. haris aziz says:

    i bought HTC one x from mobilink Karachi. i checked with brightex and also with htc help centre through email. and they both said its actually singapore based . but no definite answer about date of update.

  12. @Zohaib:

    Have you tried updating it when you are connected to WiFi?

    Are you using HTC One X which has been officially released in Pakistan?

  13. Zohaib Saeed says:

    I am using Htc One X for the last one month and havent received any OTA update and my software number is 1.19.707.1 and I have also heard it is due to this software version that we are unable to receive any OTA update.Could anyone help in this regard

  14. haris aziz says:

    hello , i need your help. in your post you said update of htc one x 1.28 is avaiable . i bought one x from mobilink 5 days ago , and its software info is
    software number
    what does that mean . i tried manual updation but no update avaiable .
    can you help

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