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LG QuickMemo™ promotes sharing through Social Networks, Texts & Emails

LG QuickMemo™ is a new features that allows LG smartphone users to quickly snap the screen write memo on it and share with friends using Social Networks, Text Messages or Email services. User can easily take a screenshot of anything being displayed on the screen e.g. News, Webpage, Application, just anything & then quickly write a memo on it using there fingers and than share it with a single click with Friends either through Facebook, other Social Networks, texts or email. LG Quickmemo is very simple to use & can be brought up by either the dedicated hotkey on top of the phone or by holding the both volume keys together or simply through notifications bar on the screen. The L series smartphone with QuickMemo™ features Optimus L7 which will be prices at Rs. 31,000 in Pakistan.

Here is the Press Release:

LG has been developing mobile phones that encompass the company philosophy of adding emotional details to its products providing also new features and new ways to interact with their handset.

LG’s QuickMemo™ feature allows for instant screen capture of any type of content such as web pages, graphical images, photos and videos. Users can write, draw, or jot a memo directly on the captured screen with their finger. QuickMemo™notes can then be shared with others via text, chat, or email.

LG’s enhanced feature allows users to deliver accurate information by letting them send

images and files with notes written on them while they talk and give instructions over the phone. Maps, photos and virtually any document can be written on and shared quickly with others. For example, when a friend sends photos of shoes or tee-shirts and asks which ones look the best, the LG QuickMemo™ user can instantly respond by simply scribbling checkmarks next to the preferred items.

“There’s no point in approaching smartphone development without very careful consideration of user experience,” said D.Y Kim, President of LG Electronics Gulf FZE. “TheQuickMemo™is one of the representing features for LG’s user experience to enhance the quality of communication by sharing ideas with more personalization.”

LG QuickMemo™ is surprisingly simple to use. When users need to urgently write down a phone number or address while talking over the phone, LG QuickMemo™ can be instantly activated by simply pressing the dedicated hotkey button (located at the upper side of LG smartphone) or by holding down the volume buttons at the same time. Alternatively, LG QuickMemo™ can also be accessed from the Notification Bar. There is no need to operate a separate application to write something on the screen when QuickMemo™ is activated.

The Optimus Series smartphones includes the Optimus 4X, L7, L5, and L3 which offer timeless style without sacrificing any features or functionality.

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