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Freelancer Launched in Pakistan as

World’s largest crowd sourcing and outsourcing site Freelancer/com has been officially launched in Pakistan as amid rise in freelancers in the country.

Evan Tan,’s Regional Director for Asia was quoted saying on the eve of the launch:

“Pakistan internet users showed double digit growth in the last five years. And with the rapid growth of self-employment in Pakistan, this is a great time for members of the site to take advantage of the ongoing digitization trend that has been changing the landscape of the global marketplace.”

The presence of a globally recognized website like freelancer in Pakistan is an indicator of the mammoth potential of the Pakistani market where freelancing websites are becoming an alternative to traditional jobs for young professionals in general and students in particular who want to support themselves during studies.

This move by Freelancer is explained by the fact that Pakistan ranks third in terms of membership with around 240,000 members (both freelancers and employers) with combined earnings of a whopping US$ 13.5 million as reported by the online outsourcing website.

Syed Saqlain can be taken as a case study to see the effects of freelancer in Pakistan. He left his job in 2009 and opened his own office in Karachi to become a full-time freelancer. Now he employs 4 people and wins 2 to 3 projects every day, ensuring a continuous stream of income.

“Now I have so many potential clients from all over the world and get many projects on a daily basis, I feel proud to be a part of!”
Syed Saqlain

Websites such as and are used by many professionals in Pakistan and one of the main issues while using these websites is the difficulty to withdraw funds as a sizeable chunk of earning is not received by the freelancer due to various fees involved in international fund transfer and unavailability of PayPal in Pakistan. Let’s see how tackles this problem now as it has been officially launched in Pakistan

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4 Responses to Freelancer Launched in Pakistan as

  1. Freelancers in Pakistan are already using freelancer with a .com domain, what difference will it make with a .pk domain?

    • It has been officially launched here. It means that now they will start taking Pakistani freelancers seriously, support will improve and a lot of problems (including payment receipt issues) will be solved

  2. Ahsan Raza says:

    this is awesome news for Pakistani bloggers and freelancers.

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