Microsoft New Bing Features and Logo

Published on September 17th, 2013 | by Mansoora Mubashra


New Bing Features Show Microsoft Thinking Outside The Box

Microsoft has been working hard lately to make users switch from Google to Bing but hasn’t made their way yet. But they sure are on their way as with the enhanced, new Bing features that have been added to it. Bing has set out to do search differently. Bing thinks broader than just providing users with a zillion links. They want to make search an easy to use and make people be able to search the people they want to know about faster an easier.

New Bing Features
For that Bing has provided users with the better “Snapshot” cards that will make it a whole lot easier to get a result without even having to clicking  on  a search result. These snapshot cards will fill in what you want to search for and make your work faster, easier. Cards are similar to Google but the new thing is that Bing plans to bring more useful information. Bing has improved “Page Zero”, which is basically for getting more useful answers to queries without having to wait for the traditional search results page. The Page Zero will also connect Facebook and your twitter accounts to help you see if there’s anything your friends might have mentioned about your related search. Page Zero will also have mini tiles there that will have small pics and texts related to your search which would enhance your search. Bing has also another new feature known as Pole position which is designed to give users instant answers to simple questions, like what would the weather be of a certain city. Bing will locate your location and show you the next five days weather forecast instantly.

New Bing Features and Logo
Last but not the least, Microsoft also redesigned Bing’s logo. Senior Director of Search Stefan Weitz told the WSJ the company that “went back to the drawing board about how to build searches”. Howeve,r apparently there is no change into how much work is going on to make Bing the ultimate search engine. Weitz says, “The amount of computer science that has gone into this thing to make it look so simple and beautiful dwarfs anything else we have done.”

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