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Influence of IT on Pakistani Business Sectors

In order to survive in this competitive world, businesses have to constantly adapt themselves to the changing trends. Advancements in technology have influenced business practices and changed the way they operate. The industrial revolution changed the manufacturing process with the introduction of the assembly line and mass production. Similarly, the IT revolution changed the shopping process with buyers now looking up their desired products on the web and placing direct orders on internet sites.


The rise of internet users and e-commerce

At the start of 2000, only about 1.3% of Pakistan’s population had internet access. This percentage has grown to over 10% in the last 13 years. There are internet users everywhere in Pakistan, with the advent of smart phones, edge cellular services and smart applications, there are now around 30 million internet users in the country. According to a report published in Tribune’s electronic edition, Pakistan is ‘the fifth largest mobile phone market in Asia’. The increase in internet users has resulted in businesses realizing the importance of having their presence on the web which is where their customers can be found. In addition, online shopping is steadily making its presence felt in Pakistan.


Diversification of e-commerce services

A number of online shopping sites have started operating in Pakistan. Some websites specialize in a particular category of products like laptops, digital cameras, mobiles, fashion apparel, whereas there are other online marketplaces which offer an array of products together such as and Whether you are looking for books, jewelry, watches or clothing this is one online business which brings the entire collection to you and delivers the purchased goods at your doorstep just like a pizza.

In addition, e-commerce has diversified into providing different services to people. From ordering food to booking hotel rooms, reserving flight seats and entire holiday packages for the family, a lot of things are done through the internet now. There is nothing which cannot be traded via the internet. People keep on coming up with new and novel ideas of things to sell or buy through the internet. An interesting idea is to help people buy, sell or rent homes and offices via online portals such as Lamudi Pakistan. This is a unique service which helps people in their search for plots, private homes and commercial offices.


Internet portals

The internet is a place which brings people with similar interests closer. There are websites which collect latest news, discussions on hot topics and have user forums focusing on a particular interest such as car portals. These help to build online communities. These portals in Pakistan also provide the unique service of offering car listings which make buying and selling vehicles easier. Users can now look-up the availability of automobiles on the websites such as and, select their preferred cars and then contact the car dealer directly for purchasing the car.

IT has changed the world in many ways, one of them is how businesses operate. In this age of the worldwide web, internet marketing places are on the rise. In order to be successful in these constantly changing market trends, firms have to be agile and adapt themselves to the evolving technologies. Nowhere is this more prominent than the business scene in Pakistan.

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