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Published on January 7th, 2015 | by Talha Dar


Nokia CARE Lahore Customer Service is Pathetic

It’s no hidden fact that Nokia Lumia has been struggling for a while to make its place in the smartphone market. It’s nowhere in the Top 5 smartphone makers of 2014. Although it’s mainly due to the fact that Windows Phone is a relatively new platform but the pathetic Nokia CARE customer service isn’t helping the cause either. I’ve had to visit the Nokia CARE Lahore a several times and I must say that I was almost always disappointed by the quality of service.

I thought it was about time that I write about what’s wrong with Nokia CARE Lahore so that the responsible people can fix it before they start losing their customers due to poor services.

Nokia CARE Lahore Customer Service is Pathetic

Incompetent Staff

I feel sorry saying this but the technical staff at Nokia CARE Lahore is rather incompetent. Why do I say this? Well, here’s why. Warranty of my Lumia 920 was about to end so i thought let’s get my device cleaned before that. I submitted by device to Nokia CARE Lahore and got it back after a day or so but unfortunately during the cleaning the technical crew had somehow broken my phone’s SIM slot but temporarily fixed it. As soon as i inserted it into my SIM card into the slot, it completely broke and when i reported the issue they totally denied it and charged me the cost of getting that fixed again. But this just doesn’t end there, they told me that it would take a week or two at most if the device had to be sent to the factory. I was really frustrated and disappointed when I had to wait for more than month to get my device back.

After a week or so, most of my female contacts started complaining that they were receiving texts from some guy who was openly claiming that he had got their contact number from a white Lumia 920 that he repaired. I was ashamed and furious as any sane person would be. I went to the Nokia CARE Lahore center and told the issue to the manager their, Mr. Bashirullah. He gave me his word that this is a serious offence and that he would tell his higher-ups to take action regarding it. It’s been more than 6 months now and I’ve asked him for an update quite a several times but none was given.

That’s not the only time I’ve had problems with Nokia CARE Lahore. Recently, my mother’s Lumia 630 started having troubles with its power key. I submitted the device to Nokia CARE Lahore and they returned it after a day or two and I was really happy that they had improved their customer service but again I was wrong. After just 1 week, the power button again stopped working. I went to their CARE center again and re-submitted the device, they again fixed it and got it back today. But this time I thought of testing the device myself before I left the building and unfortunately the issue was rare now but was still present. I discussed it with them and requested that instead of repairing the old one again and again why don’t they put a new one because my device was still in warranty? Instead of giving me a proper answer, the support representative told me that I was not pressing the button correctly and started explaining to me how to use a power button.

Misleading Information

I’ve seen and myself experience that the sales staff at the Nokia CARE Lahore isn’t well trained as well. They’re in habit of misleading customers with the very basic of knowledge regarding Lumia smartphones. Today, while waiting in the lobby to collect my Lumia 630 I overheard a customer asking a sales representative that, if they were to update there Windows Phone would they loose all their contacts, apps and etc? Nokia CARE representative replied that, Yes! updating your phone would delete all of your data but not to worry it’s backed up on the cloud and would be restored after the update. I was quite amazed by this answer. Any advanced Windows Phone user can tell that updating a phone doesn’t delete any of your data unless the update goes wrong (which is very rare) and you’ve to hard-reset the device. Furthermore, it’s not necessary that your data is backed-up on the cloud because you either might not have linked it to a Microsoft account yet or maybe you disabled the feature while setting up your device.

On another occasion, I booked a Lumia 928 at Nokia CARE Lahore. I wanted the device urgent, I asked them several times that till when would I get it and the representative replied tomorrow early morning or afternoon. I submitted the device payment and came back home. Next day I kept waiting for the device and the device never came. I called the Nokia CARE helpline a multiple times and they told me that let us get back to you and they never got back. Frustrated, I personally went to the Nokia CARE center and inquired details regarding why my phone was never delivered? The representative started making excuses that it was being brought in from another city which is why it’s taking time so if I could give them a day or two more.


I personally think that Microsoft Devices needs to improve their customer service especially at Nokia CARE Lahore. Staff should have proper knowledge and should be properly trained so that customer making transitions to the new platform don’t face difficulties. I personally am an admirer of Microsoft, Microsoft Devices and Windows Phone but such things really disappoint me and force my hand in not recommending the platform to save other people from such misery.

Have you had bad experience with any Nokie CARE center or has your experience always been pleasant? Feel free to share your thoughts and experience in the comments below.

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  1. A latif says:

    I have a devise lomia 928 .it’s battery are shutdown I wasn’t to repair it plz give our coctect person and no ln Lahore city thanks

  2. sajjad ahmed says:

    lumia 535 touch has been damaged … i want to change it ?
    please let me tell where is customer care centre in lahore and price of original touch?

  3. anam says:

    Mere phone Lumia 925 ka screen lock demage ho Gaya ha kindly isko repair kiya ja sakta ha

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