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21st March 2015  A bloggers meet up was hosted by at olive grill, Lahore. The main focus of the meet up was to get feedback and suggestions from the bloggers about potential improvements in the site. Mr. Haseeb Malik and Mr. Imtiaz Noor (Head of Marketing) represented in the event.

Bloggers identified various problems related to crucial areas focusing customer satisfaction, some suggestions focused areas like: after sale services, conflict resolution service, standardized size charts for clothing, payment mechanism, product return mechanism and quality control measures.
Mr. Imtiaz was more interested in getting feedback from bloggers but on some questions asked he told that they are continuously increasing number of suppliers, categories of items and quality of service. They are hiring more staff to manage this expansion and support operations, ensuring quality of service. He also announced launch of wide range of Mobile Phones from all major operators with distributor warranty at minimum possible prices.

While discussing delicious food items including “naan khatai” during lunch session he told us to expect food items on Mr. Imtiaz Noor heartedly thanked all bloggers for their cooperation with in past and for attending the event. But he was unable to explain the meaning of word “KAYMU” hence the mystery of origin of its name remains unsolved.



He told us that is undergoing drastic improvements; they are working hard to spread awareness of the benefits of e-commerce businesses. E-commerce is still an unfamiliar concept in Pakistan, and educating various players in the market is necessary for the growth of the country’s e-commerce sector. As the country’s leading online marketplace, has taken it upon itself to educate sellers operating on its platform.

There is a great potential of growth for companies like in Pakistan. Such events can definitely help them to get feedback from bloggers who must be considered important stakeholders due to their influence on social media. If keeps improving their service quality by taking feedback from stakeholders they can achieve substantial growth in coming time. is part of the Asia Pacific Internet Group (, which is a joint venture of Rocket Internet and Ooredoo. The group’s network consists of 14  e-commerce and online marketplace companies, operating across 15 countries. Since it was founded in 2014, APACIG has become the leading online platform in Asia, building top internet companies in the region.


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