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Infinix Zero2 review (Dual-SIM)

Infinix Zero2 is the successor to the Infinix’s 2014 flagship device, Zero. Like other Infinix devices, Zero2 also aims to provide better specs in an affordable price range. No doubt, to some extent the company has been able to achieve that. They have eliminated retailers by following the direct-sales model, which is why Zero2 costs an attractive 18,900/- PKR and is only available online, at

Inside The Box

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Contents of Infinix Zero2’s box are a little different than what we usually find in smart phone boxes these days. Opening the box you’ll find the phone wrapped up in a plastic sheet. Underneath it you’ll find a yellow box, a charging adapter and two different (Europeans and American) plugs. A SIM ejector tool is on top of the yellow box, kept in-place by two cardboard flaps. If you’re wondering where the USB cable and earphones are, they with a few manuals are inside the yellow box.

Design & Build Quality

First thing that you notice once you hold the Infinix Zero2 is that it’s remarkably light weighted. Many would appreciate that but we don’t. For starters, it quite easily slips out of hand because of the light weight. Moreover, we think that the device doesn’t feel as solid as it could have if it was a little heavier. Be that as it may, the good thing is that it still does feel solid to some extent owing to the metallic structure and the Kevlar back.


Front side of the Infinix Zero2 is quite clean and contains all the usuals i.e. a front camera, light/proximity sensors and of course the 5″ HD Super AMOLED display. There are some extra bezels on top and bottom of the device, which might bother some. They do make the Zero2 unnecessarily long and sometimes hard to handle.


Infinix Zero2 has a Kevlar back cover which isn’t removable. It has a smooth rubbery texture which is why it catches it’s fair share of fingerprints which are a little harder than usual to rub off. Primary 13MP camera and a LED flash are on the back of the device as well, placed in a corner.


MicroSD card slot can be found on the right side of the device, just above the power key and the volume rocker. Left side contains the Dual-SIM card slot, which has just a single tray with place for two Micro SIM cards.

Top of the device has a microUSB port and the 3.5mm headphone jack. Bottom of the device has two loud speakers grilles but interestingly only a single speaker beneath them.




Our opinion about the overall design and build of the Zero2 is a bit mixed. We feel that the build material used is quite good but the build quality is not. Gaps can be seen around the Kevlar back cover of the Infinix Zero2. Hardware buttons also are delicate which is why most of the times they get pressed accidentally while taking the phone out of the pocket. But in any case these problems should not bother the target consumers because they are to be expected from a device with such decent hardware in this price range.

Performance & Battery

Infinix Zero2 has a pretty powerful 2.0GHz eight-core MediaTek CPU with 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM. It is a bit behind, in terms of technical specs, from 2015 flagship devices of HTC, Samsung, LG and Motorola. Benchmarks (AnTuTu and others) also stack up the Zero2 against 2014 flagship devices. Nonetheless, it quite easily runs anything you throw at it. We tried from basic daily use apps to resource hungry games and 3D videos, all of which ran flawlessly on the Zero2.


Since the Zero2 is pretty slim, it does not pack a hefty battery but we were still quite satisfied with it’s battery timings. It has a rather normal 2300 mAh battery but could easily last 1.5-2 days with WiFi constantly turned on, 30 mins of video gameplay daily and other activities such as texting, Facebooking and etc. Charging time was also quite normal, taking it on average 2hrs to be fully charged.

User Interface

User interface is one aspect of the device which we quite displeased with. Zero2 runs an Infinix’s customization of the Android OS v4.4.2 (KitKat). Unfortunately, the user experience is not what we have come to expect from an Android device. In our opinion, default Android skin provides a better user experience and Infinix’s customization feels like a step back. One of the major reason why we say this are poor design aesthetics. We found odd color schemes throughout the system UI. Instead of using flat colors, Infinix has used sharper variants which become quite annoying on such a bright display. Other reasons include still immature built-in applications such as messaging, contacts, file manager and etc.

Here are some images of Infinix Zero2’s user interface.

If you are a casual user, you’d probably compromise since the Infinix Zero2 does offer bang for its buck. For power users, the good thing is, you can easily find and flash custom ROMs to improve your user experience.

Camera Quality

Camera quality of the Infinix Zero2 isn’t exactly superb but it is good enough for casual day-to-day use. You’ll notice in the sample images below that images taken in daylight turn out to be good while images in lowlight appear murky.

Zero2 Review Wrap-up


Winding up this review, we would say that Infinix Zero2 is a device that surely gives you bang for the buck. It does have quite a few flaws in it’s hardware and software but they aren’t that serious that they can’t be overlooked. With such a price tag, we would recommend our readers to try out the Infinix Zero2 if you’re planning to buy a new phone anytime soon and are short on budget. Infinix Zero2 is surely capable of providing you with almost a flagship-like experience.

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