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Published on November 11th, 2016 | by Staff Reporter


Fazal Mohammad – A Tale From Baluchistan


If you were to come across Fazal Mohammad on the street, you would gather little from his outlook. The persistence and determination that runs through his veins only becomes evident once you discover his story. This 21-year old who hails from the Khuzdar district in Baluchistan is an auto mechanic by profession. As the third of six brothers in his family, Fazal has a responsibility to provide for his family in a community where there are such individuals who don’t consider the concept of following your passions a practical approach towards life.

Inspired by Waseem Jhang – a popular footballer in his area, Fazal started to play football in 2004. Through continuous practice and persistence, he developed skills that landed him on the district team. Having gained the attention of his seniors, he was selected for a regional tournament in 2010 where he scored two goals against Afghanistan and Kuwait each. He now plays for the Junior national football team. However, this does not mean that life has rewarded him with everything he could have ever dreamed of as challenges continue to be plenty for Fazal.

Footballer Fazal Mohammad

Sadly, Khuzdar lacks standard football grounds, coaches, clubs, and players. Even for something as minor as sports shoes that many of us would take for granted. Through all this, Fazal continues to have a positive outlook. While striking a balance between what he loves and how he earns a living, he also makes time to stay fit and advises other aspiring footballers to stay away from smoking and other habits that are injurious to health.

Considering the sport doesn’t get as much attention as many others in the country, footballers are also grossly underpaid making it difficult for Fazal to pursue his passion while coming from a humble background. Through sheer determination, Fazal has started to make a name for himself in the world of football. In his own words, he attributes much of his success to everything he has learned from his seniors and advises upcoming players to respect their seniors and consider their suggestions to learn better football techniques.

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