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KKT Orthopedic Educates Telenor On Work Ergonomics During Telenor Health And Safety Week

KKT Orthopedic Spine Centre Pakistan conducted a very fruitful awareness session on Work Ergonomics at Telenor offices in the spirit of health and safety week being celebrated at the organization. The awareness campaign held on the 21st Nov, Tuesday kicked off simultaneously across Telenor centers in the main cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi.

KKT International Orthopedic Spine Centre’s in Pakistan is a Canadian Healthcare Invention approved by Health Canada and FDA in the US that painlessly and seamlessly re-aligns all the vertebra of the Human spine using the principal of resonance where in which unique KKT XRays are taken and the deformity vector is analyzed under each patients signature ID ensuring Quantum Acoustic Sound waves when applied at select vertebrae result in realignment of the entire spine. Today KKT is known to be a pioneer in solving spinal asymmetry. In Pakistan it’s been operational for the past 4 years and has successfully treated thousands of patients. The treatment trills amazing results for many neuro-musculoskeletal disorders.  KKT along with the treatment also advocates taking control of your health where its Patient Management Advocates (PMA’s) who re generally clinical psychologists work in conjunction with a patients treatment by counseling and educating Pakistanis with lifestyle changes for their well being. Although each patient’s treatment is tailored, KKT Orthopedic Consultants signify the importance of work ergonomics especially for Pakistan’s corporate sector and emphasize in such awareness camps as to how potentially harmful situations can lead to back injuries due to sheer ignorance.

The aim of the awareness campaign was to bring to knowledge some simple lifestyle changes that can lead you towards a more healthy life and productive work environment.

Since most of the spinal conditions arise because of simple negligence’s in doing routine things, KKT considers it a responsibility it owes to the society to educate people on this and spread the message to corporate employees of Pakistan’s leading organizations.

KKT endorses a healthy lifestyle which means adopting healthy habits.  In the sessions held at Telenor Head and Corporate offices, teams of Doctors and PMA’s laid special emphasis on back care and tips on correct postures for a healthy back as well as educating employees on consuming adequate and healthy diet.

The comprehensive education program, which was more of an interactive session, included basic ergonomic guidelines, back care and healthy lifestyle changes in context of back and neck pain, muscle spasm and stiffness, diabetes, hypertension and dyslipidemia. The KKT team with specialists in different fields educated the employees on how to identify and prevent ergonomics hazards at workplace and demonstrated some chair exercises as well as sleeping postures.

KKT Orthopedic Lahore Telenor Event

In addition to this, KKT offered the employees a complementary screening test. For the purpose, a Spinal Screening station was set up where the employees could undergo their spinal symmetry. At the end, a question and answer session was kept to address the queries of the employees where the specialists guided them, gave them tips and addressed their health complaints.

In total, KKT carried out over 240 screenings and educated over 500 employees of Telenor who attended the event. Although a small initiative by the KKT team, but definitely a first and one off activity in the ever growing corporate sector of Pakistan. On the whole, it was a fruitful session that can go a long way for a collective healthy tomorrow.

KKT offered special coupons to the employees whom they can avail for themselves or their immediate family, who maybe suffering from spinal and musculoskeletal disorders. As a gesture of goodwill, KKT offered the staff a special discount of 50% for their first general consultation. And for those who wish to proceed further with the treatment they will be entitled to a 33% savings.

Dr Numan Zakria who heads Operations for KKT Centre’s nationwide was delighted to put teams in place who would be conducting such activities timely in the Pakistani corporate landscape. Here is what he has to say

“Having conducted a successful workshop and in order to take awareness to the next level, our dedicated KKT team plans to continue to spread the message and is looking forward to conducting such sessions across the nation every two weeks and stay course in our ambition to a healthier safer and pain free Pakistan.”

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