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PTCL gives a brand new meaning to Home Entertainment with iflix!  


Tired of the hassle of going out to buy movies? Or getting stuck in traffic when you really want to watch something? Or maybe not being able to find a show you were really looking forward to?

PTCL has answered your prayers and is bringing to you an easy solution to all your movie and show woes! It is none other than ‘iflix’, the world leading Subscription Video-On-Demand (SVoD) service for emerging markets. If you’re already a Smart TV customer or using 4Mbps and above internet packages, then you’re going to love this offer because you get to have unlimited access to the service for 12 months. What more can you ask for?

PTCL launches iflix with a Bang!

The launch of a service so exciting required an event equally as great and that is exactly what PTCL did!

The launch event for the service was held in Karachi over the weekend and was attended by a number of media celebrities, social media influencers and the PTCL senior management.

Right from the red carpet to the end of the ceremony, there was a pulsating energy in the air. The hosts for the Red Carpet were the ever charming Anoushay Ashraf and Hira Hussain who brought liveliness to the carpet. Among the many attendees included famous celebrities such as Hira, Mani, Sana Fakhar, Aimen  and Minal Khan.

The bright and entertaining Khalid Malik and Ushna Shah were hosts for the night who kept the audience hooked with their humorous antics.

The event kicked off with a performance by the All Girl’s Band. Their cover of “Star boy” put the audience into a great mood. The energy kept rising when the critically acclaimed instrumental band “Khumariyaan” performed their beautiful numbers. A light dance performance by the troupe showed impeccable talent and left the audience in awe.

PTCL’s CEO Dr. Daniel Ritz along with Chief Commercial Officer Adnan Shahid & CCO iflix Christian Toksvig launched the service for PTCL customers and promised to bring more exciting services & better quality for its customers so that they can enjoy the best quality entertainment.

Last but not the least, was the performance by Stereo Nation and everyone knows that he is capable of setting the stage on fire! And that is what he did. Overall, the event was a huge success.

If the launch event was this amazing, we know what to expect from the upcoming service!


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