Published on February 21st, 2018 | by Arif Hussain


Best Money Saving Hacks for Shopping Online in Pakistan

Do you find online shopping heavier on your wallet than regular outdoor buying? Does buying on the Internet exceed your budget? It happens, but to tell you the truth, you can let this burden go away from you. Online shopping is one of the most common and convenient methods nowadays and people prefer it more than ever.

It’s true that several benefits are coupled in shopping at your fingertips, but you have got to be prudent while spending on the Internet. Want to know some saving hacks for shopping online to help you money while online shopping? Scroll down to know!

  1. Wait for Sales and Discount Packages

Before every occasion, sellers try to vent out their current collection to introduce new ones. For that, they launch sale packages. Before every major event, you will find dwindling prices both at outdoor and online stores. Wait for such offers from some of the best online shopping websites such and and make the most of them. Don’t rush every time a product allures you!


  1. Search for Coupon Sites

Buyers wish to save money and businessmen use it is a selling trick. Some stores offer online deals you can always take advantage of. I advise you always look for coupons before buying. There are websites like and where you can find several coupons from retailers, ranging from small to large businesses.


  1. Use Newsletters

Well, I know it gets irritating when your inbox floods up with emails, but here’s a solution for that. This way, you won’t get notifications all the time on your phone. I suggest you sign up for the newsletter because most of the services provide discounts to their subscribers.


  1. Compare the Prices with Others

What happens when you are searching for a product online and something just go straight to your heart? You send it to your cart and fill the shipping details. You are mistaken if you do this because you didn’t check what others are offering. I know it’s gonna waste a lot of time if you browse competitive options just to compare prices. You don’t have to do it since there are price-comparison technologies available. Download the browser add-ons like Honey that compare prices for you when you are shopping and gets inactive when you aren’t. Simple!


  1. Keep Updated on Facebook

You need to know whenever there comes an offer or discount. Facebook pages are a good source of keeping yourself updated with the upcoming events of your favorite brands. Don’t use it only for fun, as there’s a lot more you can do on Facebook. So, always like the pages of brands and companies you like buying from.


  1. Avoid Shipping Fees

Some services charge shipping fees and some don’t. Always prefer those who don’t charge for shipping because prices of online products are shown with all the expenses included in it. Again, use a price-comparison tool and see what free-shipping alternatives are available for you.

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