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SimSim Mobile Wallet Comes Of Age At CokeFest 2018 [Review]

We Pakistanis have seen other countries move towards cashless and then cardless payments to virtual payment solutions while we waited for 3G and 4 to arrive. A techie like me wants to get rid of cash and heavy wallets to move to secure mobile-based solutionsĀ from which I can pay for anything anywhere. We tested alpha version of SIMSIM last year, but it it seems that SimSim Mobile Wallet has finally started to work as a finished product as we used it at CokeFest 2018.

Let’s get an overview of the product first. SimSim Mobile Wallet is just like your current account. It works like your current account, debit card and your bank’s mobile phone app all combined in one package. So, you can make real-time payments for everything including when you go out for dining, shopping and even for things like buying mobile credit or transferring funds to anyone else. Interestingly, it offers all these services for FREE.

Simsim Payments

SimSim’s website claims that payments takeĀ than 20 seconds and based on our experience in CokeFest 2018 we will say that payments are really smooth and it takes around 30 seconds to complete a transaction using the scan and pay feature in the app. Here is the screenshot of the transaction we made there:

Simsim at CokeFest2018

The application is available fr download on both Apple & Google stores. Here’s a short video to help you start using SimSim Mobile Wallet and experience the start of fin-tech wave in Pakistan.


Some of the things you can do with your SimSim Mobile Wallet are:

  1. Make payments through QR codes
  2. View your Wallet & Account balances
  3. View recent transactions
  4. Manage funds
  5. Send money to; SIMSIM users, FINCA Accounts and other Banks via IBFT
  6. Manage funds between your Wallet and FINCA Account
  7. Pay Mobile Bills and purchase Top-Ups
  8. Pay Utility Bills
  9. Pay Multiple Online Bills
  10. Card management (Activate, change PIN, block card)

Not only can you send and receive money between SimSim Mobile Wallet accounts for free, but it provides the feature to deposit funds and withdraw it from your bank accounts as well. This facility is called InterBank Funds Transfer or IBFT, we have tried all these functions and found them seamless, provided your data connection is working fine and the bank you want to transfer funds to or receive funds from is also working fine. Lets see how to send and receive money between accounts on SimSim.


Here’s a video showing how to load money from your debit card to SimSim Mobile Wallet so that you can just sit on your couch and recharge your mobile wallet whenever and wherever you want.


Verdict: (updated 08-04-2018)

Having used SIMSIM app for extended period after the CokeFest and using features like funds transfer, bill payment, mobile top-up and payment to vendors and comparing it with other applications, we can certainly say that SIMSIM app outperforms other FinTech apps available in Pakistan.

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