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Telenor’s Hoarding is The Talk of The Town

We all know very well that we have a cut-throat competition in the telecommunication industry in Pakistan. This is inevitable as the nature of competition in the industry is oligopoly (Industry consisting of a few large players). Nowadays almost everyone has a cell phone with one or more SIM cards. And even smartphones are quite common in urban and semi-urban areas. People keep looking for the best packages at best rates which may suit their use without overburdening their pockets. In such a scenario marketing become a vital tool for all the players and they keep attempting to snatch each other’s market share using different marketing techniques. Telenor Pakistan has proved itself a reliable network with a loyal customer base and commendable network coverage over the time.

Telenor Pakistan has an unorthodox approach for reaching out to its current and prospective customers, which makes it a unique brand. This was exhibited recently when they gave a message to two competitor brands that “Who is the boss!” by displaying a hoarding in Rawalpindi at perfect timing and perfect location.


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The words written on the billboard were “Na Daien Na Baien…Seedha Telenor 4G Par Aain”. Which can be translated as “Neither Right nor Left, Come Straight to Telenor 4G”. This billboard placed in the middle of two billboards of the competitors presented a masterpiece of brilliant troll marketing, outsmarting the competitors. The most interesting part is that both billboards (on left and right or Telenor’s billboard) from competitors were also marketing their 4G services. Kudos to Telenor marketing team for such a witty, well-timed and perfectly executed move. It’s a rare opportunity which they availed vigilantly and innovatively. So Telenor gave a clear message to 4G consumers to ignore other networks and switch to Telenor 4G. The poster is featuring Sohai Ali Abro in a swaggy pose making it more intriguing. It was placed on a junction where roadsters enjoyed it and had a great laugh, they clicked pictures which we can see all over the internet.

Pakistanis having a strong sense of humor, really enjoyed the Telenor’s marketing stunt. Everyone on social media is talking about it, it’s not “The talk of the town” anymore rather it’s “The talk of the nation”. Twitter users went gaga over the marketing stunt and praised Telenor Pakistan’s creative marketing. Many of them used GIFs to express their views on how beautifully Telenor’s marketing team dug at the competition.

This stunt has definitely captured the attention of Telenor 4G potential consumers and target market very well while entertaining the public, hence it can be declared the best marketing execution for the Year 2018. We haven’t witnessed many of such clever marketing gimmicks in Pakistan before, most brands use orthodox ways to market their products. Now Telenor has pioneered out of the box marketing stunt, we can expect more from them and hopefully from other brands too. Telenor successfully changed the conventional cut-throat competition into a humorous advertisement which proved to be quite effective yet entertaining.

Telenor claims that it focuses on empowering the digital consumers of Pakistan with its high-speed 4G data which results in uninterrupted and advanced digital lifestyle.

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