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Telenor Stepping Up Amid COVID-19

Pakistan recently recorded its highest
single-day spike of coronavirus patients, and there are many more who are still
not tested. The coronavirus pandemic has spread like wildfire around the world
and caused 10,000+ global deaths. During this growing crisis, everyone should
share the burden.

Telenor Pakistan is an industry leader when
it comes to social responsibility. In the light of the pandemic, Telenor
stepped forward to spread awareness in the masses. With a subscriber base of 46
million+ Pakistanis, Telenor proved that modern problems require modern

Experts suggest that the best solution to
stay safe from COVID-19 is to self-isolate and practice social distance.
Telenor Pakistan has now changed the text beside the signal bars on
subscriber’s phone from ‘Telenor’ to ‘Stay Home.’

Here is an official message from the CEO,
Irfan Wahab Khan,

Neither SMS nor emails could communicate
the way Telenor has reached out to every Pakistani. Their motto is to serve ‘Har Pakistani’ (Every Pakistani), and
they have made an effort to do so with creativity. This is the first of a kind
measure taken in Pakistan by a cellular service provider to tell people that

Since every person is close to their phones
nowadays, every Telenor subscriber will see the message of ‘Stay Home’ as soon
as they pick up their phone. With this step, Telenor has proved that in times
of national crisis, everyone needs to be selfless and think beyond personal

Why stay at home? Because a developed
nation like Italy had to pay the price of negligence and not enforcing
self-isolation. More than 627 people died on a single day as the total death
count reached 4,032 in Italy on Friday.

It is the need of the hour to remind
Pakistanis that they should stay indoors and practice the rules of proper
hygiene. If you are a responsible citizen and self-isolating, Telenor also has
some ideas for you to have fun at home,

The deployment of this message is currently
under process on every device, which will take a little time. However, many
people have started seeing the text on their phone’s home page. 

It is a much-needed step that sets a positive
precedent for big organizations in our country.

People around the country are lauding this step
by Telenor and looking forward to such selfless measures by other resourceful
entities in Pakistan.

If your family has an elderly member or someone with low immunity, the best way to stay safe is to stay home. If you have house help, cooks, or drivers, you must spread this message to them. Telenor’s message gives us a lesson to unite and do our bit for survival.

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