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5 Things You Must Know Before Shopping Online

E-commerce sales are surging, and online shopping is rapidly becoming the preferred way to buy products in Pakistan. The traditional market is gradually shifting to the digital world, allowing the e-commerce industry to expand at an unprecedented speed and scale.  However, the e-shops, being fairly new, have a long way to go to compete with the world-class brands. Also, there is a considerable percentage of double-dealing sellers that rely on lies.  That said, digital buyers still have many fears — fear of getting scammed, ripped-off, and tricked. To make sure you don’t fall into their trap, and get the best deals, here are a few things you might want to know before cashing out your shopping cart.

1. The credibility of the seller

The number one reason why people get scammed is that they fail to interpret the red flags and continue shopping from non-credible sources. Whether it is the individual seller or a new website, make sure the source is credible, as it is the best way to evade a scam. But how do you do that? The answer you are looking for is right on the website: the customer reviews and the sale history.

Consumers leave tons of reviews, either bad or good, only to express what they felt about the product or service. Always read these feedback before finalizing a decision. But the industry is infected with a prevalent problem of fake reviews. Watch out and stay away from the seller having feedback that seems too good to be true.

2. Modes of Payment

The number of payment modes the site offers speaks for its credibility as well. Plus, it gives you the freedom to choose whichever you are comfortable with. Here are five modes of payment that they can offer:

Cash on Delivery (COD): The customers will pay in cash when the delivery reaches their doorstep. Considering the percentage of payment frauds, it is not only the easiest but the safest way to shop online in Pakistan.

Online Bank Transfer:  Some allow the freedom of bank transferred payments. Your personal information is secured by encryption methods, allowing shoppers to make secure transfers.

Payment via credit card: The credit card information is provided on the online checkout counter, and the information is verified by the website to confirm the purchase.

ATM transfer: Many websites allow visitors to pay directly by using the ATM information. It is easily the fastest way to settle the payments.

Direct bank deposits: For this, you have to physically visit your bank and deposit the payment in the given bank account. It works but isn’t the most convenient way to shop online.

3. Price Comparison

Whenever you are checking out a particular product, remember it isn’t the only seller providing it. The product might be listed on other websites at a relatively lower price. Or there could be a discount somewhere. Who wouldn’t love discounts? But to avail it, you may have to expend some energy in order to find better deals.

What’s more, there are many tricksters out there, putting up products at an extraordinarily lower price. If the figure seems too steep compared to the marketplace, it is better to check the credibility of the provider. In case something feels odd, staying away from it would be wise.

4. Refund and Exchange policy

Reading the refund and return policy of the website is essential to ensure the buyer’s protection. You may fall head over heels in love with the product description, but it may not be the same thing in person. What to do then? Here, the clear exchange and refund policy of the website can save the day. 

A notable shopping platform, to retain its reputation in the market, would be inclined to cater your needs. But if the policy is unclear, that is a clear indication of the seller’s fraudulent intentions.

5. Delivery timing and charges

The time a package takes to reach your doorstep varies, depending on your location. For instance, people in urban areas usually receive the package within 1-2 days. But for rural areas, it can take up to a week. You should ask the seller of the estimated time of arrival along with the delivery charges to avoid getting surprised at the receiving time.

Which are the most trustworthy sites?

Although there are hundreds of online shops in Pakistan, only few of them can be trusted. Here are some of them:


Right after its first emergence, took over Pakistan’s e-commerce industry. Today, it is easily the largest and most trustworthy platform for online shopping. Most sellers are credible, but not to ignore the fact that it is also infected with a good number of fraudsters. 

The site still manages to deliver two million packages every month, which is a huge figure for a relatively newer shopping platform. What’s more, the site offers competitive prices over hundreds of product listings, and the majority of the deliveries are made in the estimated time.

2. PC Fanatics

There isn’t a better e-shop for electronics than PC Fanatics. The platform is determined to provide quality computer hardware, laptops, consoles, tablets, and other electronic accessories. It wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that it is digital heaven for a computer geek. That is not only the reason it is praised: It also offers the fastest delivery services, followed by cash on delivery mode of payment to ensure ease. Moreover, the packages are delivered through the renowned TCS courier service within record-breaking time.


Long before entering Pakistan, Wbminternational already won the hearts of millions of consumers from Europe and the USA. By launching their brand here, they have provided the Pakistani people with a reliable online platform with hundreds of product listings. The categories include home appliances, fashion, beauty, décor, electronics, clothing, and many others.

It is the only name; we consider to be a strong rival of Plus, it is the sole provider of a 100% refund guarantee, giving customers a complete buyer’s protection that they deserve.

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