TelecomPk is Pakistan’s Pioneer Telecom and Technology Blog. It is a leading source of information, original articles and analysis on Pakistan’s telecom and technology industry. The purpose of the blog is to disseminate technical, business, policy and consumer information about ICT. Audience includes business executives, foreign experts, decision-makers, students, consumers, professionals, and policymakers.

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  • Our primary objective is Consumer rights advocacy.
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  • We strive to be fair, objective and neutral towards all companies and organizations.
  • This blog is run by professionals who have day jobs. The content here represents the personal view of authors and does not represent the position of their employers.
  • No conflict of interest. We don’t write paid reviews for any telecom company.
  • We don’t have access to any proprietary data from any company – we get information from public data for our work.
  • We use analysis and criticism to improve the telecom environment in Pakistan.
  • Diversity of opinion is valued. Interested writers are welcome to contact editors at telecompk dot net. All we ask is that your writing is free of grammatical and typographical errors and is well thought out. Editor/s will be glad to help out, if needed.
  • Students are welcome to use all resources here and to contact the editor for help about advanced topics. But please make sure that you do your homework for assignments, projects etc. The site is not supposed to a substitute for your diligence and thinking.
  • We take copyright violations seriously. Please cite the references clearly and give credit where it’s due.


Telecompk.Net was started by Babar Bhatti in July 2006 at telecompk.wordpress.com. The blog moved to its own web site Telecompk.Net in June 2007. The content of Telecompk.Net site is subject to copyright (DMCA) and any quoted text must not be used without proper credit and a full link back to this site.

About Founder & Editor

Babar Bhatti is the founder and managing editor of the Telecompk.Net. He has over ten years of experience in engineering, telecommunication and IT. An engineer by training, he currently works as a senior IT professional in Dallas, Texas. Babar has lived, studied and worked in Pakistan, Japan and US. He has keen interest in the way business, economy and telecom landscape is changing in South Asia. In addition to this blog, Babar contributes to other popular blogs including All Things Pakistan and Green & White. He can be reached at babar (at) telecompk (dot) net.

Profiles of other authors are available here. We welcome guest contributors and writers at TelecomPk. Please leave a comment or email us your contributions at editors (at) telecompk (dot) net with complete details.

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