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Why Transdermal Vitamin D Cream Provides Best Absorption?

Vitamin D plays a vital role in our general health. Today, however, Vitamin D deficiency is getting more prominent all over the world. This deficiency, however, can be normalized by using transdermal Vitamin D creams. This can help us to achieve the required level of Vitamin D in our body, while being safe from the hazardous sun rays.

If you are among of the 85% who have Vitamin D deficiency in your body, then you are prone to various diseases like: Osteoporosis, diabetes mellitus, cancer, heart disease, hypertension, stroke, depression, hormonal imbalances and Neurological problems.

UVA and UVB rays are in fact harmful to skin as they cause premature ageing, different types of skin diseases, and the most dreaded of all - skin cancer. Along with indoor lifestyle and medical experts' suggestions to stay away from direct sunlight, we kept our bodies away from one of the most important health benefits - the Vitamin D.

Vitamin D deficiency is now regarded as a global concern in regard to humanity's general wellness. Today, about 85% of American population are lacking this important nutrient, hence, their optimal health are also low. This goes the same to those who are living in higher latitudes and to those who stay indoors during daytime.

A non-profit research group known as Vitamin D Council suggested that an adequate amount of Vitamin D is important to strengthen our immune system and general health.

There are 3 simple and easy ways to increase the level of Vitamin D inside of our bodies. Please see below: Getting more sun exposure, particularly during the hours of 6 to 9 in morning and from oral supplements; and through a transdermal Vitamin D cream.

Why Transdermal Vitamin D Cream provides Best absorption?

Our bodies have the ability to produce Vitamin D from cholesterol. It is actually a production of cholesterol in our epidermis, the outer layer of our skin, when we are directly hit by the UVB rays of the sun. The procedure doesn't cease there, because as soon as it will go into the bloodstream, the liver will turn this to what is called Calcidiol. Lastly, the kidneys will convert this Calcidiol into Calcitriol - the active version of the vitamin D hormone.

And yes, you've read it correctly that Vitamin D is actually a hormone. An active Vitamin D is essential in our body because it affects the performance of other hormones, too. Furthermore, every cell in our body needs vitamin D receptors to make our health conditions on top.

This is where transdermal supplement plays a part. Since sunlight has UVA and UVB rays, which are harmful to skin, a transdermal supplement is one of the safest ways to help our body manufacture its own Vitamin D. A transdermal supplement imitates the process of how our bodies produce Vitamin D naturally, as explained above.

Some of the Top Health benefits of transdermal Vitamin D:

Vitamin D creams can do a lot of wonders in our health. To list a few, listed below are what a Vitamin D cream can do:

Improves bone growth, eases spinal problems and the back pains, important for a healthy pregnancy

Helps reduce miscarriage, increases the levels and advantages of progesterone, reduces blood pressure, an excellent defendant from diabetes and insulin resistance, improves immunity, improves mood and reduces depression, strengthens the nervous system, alleviates allergies, protects against premature ageing, excellent skin moisturiser, treats psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo, soothes headaches and migraines, normalizes the menstrual cycle

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