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Success Story: Mobile Complete

Published on August 1st, 2007 | by Babar Bhatti

This is an inspiring success story about an innovative telecommunication company with connections to Pakistan. Mobile Complete is a mobile technology company focused on improving the user experience on mobile applications and services. Their products are being used to test, [&hellip... Read More


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Demand For Handset Memory Increases

Published on July 30th, 2007 | by Babar Bhatti

The trend to store more and more digital info and entertainment  — such as video, music and digital photos — on the handsets is creating a demand for more memory storage. Apple’s iPhone, with 8GB memory available, has [&hellip... Read More


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Flare – July 2007 Issue

Published on July 29th, 2007 | by Babar Bhatti

As I mentioned earlier, FLARE is one of the few (perhaps the only one?) media publication about Telecom in Pakistan which promotes free download of its digital version. It is particularly useful for expat Pakistanis. I have started reading [&hellip... Read More


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3G vs WiMAX Debate

Published on July 28th, 2007 | by Babar Bhatti

The debate on 3G vs WiMAX goes on (see my past posts on WiMAX). Here’s an 18-minute long video from Telecom TV which presents views from different industry stakeholders. This is interesting discussion.  WiMAX is seen by many as [&hellip... Read More


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China's Mobile Maestro

Published on July 27th, 2007 | by Babar Bhatti

Sharing some text from an interesting article about China Mobile (CHL) which appeared at Fortune Asia Edition. Interesting commentary about their many masters, marketing efforts and the CEO’s management style and preferences of the CEO. Also note how investors are [&hellip... Read More

Competitive Trends

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Jazz Advance – Effective Product Management

Published on July 26th, 2007 | by Atif Tahir

Good news for Mobilink’s Jazzy customers: Jazz Advance, a new product feature has been introduced by Mobilink. Mobilink’s website describes it as:  Jazz Advance enables customers to obtain advance balance by simply calling 123. So you can [&hellip... Read More


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Warid has something to singtel about…

Published on July 25th, 2007 | by Muhammad Farooq

Rumors started to surface back in May that Warid Telecom, Pakistan’s third largest mobile operator is in talks with several foreign firms, including Singapore Telecommunications (Singtel), to sell a minority stake. This week, Abu Dhabi-based Warid [&hellip... Read More

Digital Convergence

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How Do You Use Your Mobile Phone Address Book?

Published on July 23rd, 2007 | by Babar Bhatti

Address books and keeping them current and accessible has been a problem for a long time. With the electronic revolution the paper address books have gradually went out of fashion, replaced by stand-alone PDAs, spreadsheets, online contact management services  and yes, mobile phone lists. But do people [&hellip... Read More

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