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Fight Cell Phone Snatching

Published on January 10th, 2007 | by Babar Bhatti

Search for “Cell Phone Snatching” in google and many of the results will be about mobile phone snatching in Pakistan. It is a problem all over the world – but with the explosive growth of mobile phone subscribers in [&hellip... Read More


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WiMAX in Pakistan

Published on January 8th, 2007 | by Babar Bhatti

In 2006 Wateen-Motorola WiMAX project in Pakistan created a lot of buzz all over the world. Many similar trials and services are being offered around the World. However it is still a big unknown if Wimax will be [&hellip... Read More


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Mobile Companies against WLL Operators

Published on January 5th, 2007 | by Babar Bhatti

According to this news item Pakistani mobile companies are going after the WLL operators – yet again. Since deregulation of telecom started in Pakistan the GSM based mobile companies and CDMA based WLL operators have been [&hellip... Read More


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Mobile Phone of the Future

Published on January 3rd, 2007 | by Babar Bhatti

It is always fun to talk about feature-packed gadgets. As 2007 starts lets take a look at the future of mobile phones. A recent BusinessWeek report presents some interesting views about mobile technology and its drivers. Also [&hellip... Read More


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VOIP in Pakistan: Free Calls to Pakistan a reality?

Published on January 2nd, 2007 | by Babar Bhatti

I see some interesting developments for free or cheap calls to and from Pakistan using Voice over Internet Protocol – i.e. Internet Telephony. This is in parallel to new services (Rebetel and FreeCallPlanet for instance) in US and Europe which [&hellip... Read More

Broadband Internet

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Asia Quake Disrupts Telecom

Published on December 29th, 2006 | by Babar Bhatti

The earthquake of this week damaged the telecom and internet infrastructure, impacting many Asian countries. Banking services were severely hampered Wednesday but services had resumed Thursday after networks were reconfigured to detour around the broken cables. [&hellip... Read More

Mobile Companies

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Email on your Mobile Phone

Published on December 26th, 2006 | by Babar Bhatti

As the price of smart phones falls the popularity of email on mobile phones is on the rise.  This is especially useful for business folks who need access to their email on the road. However the security [&hellip... Read More


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A different view: Mobile Handsets

Published on December 26th, 2006 | by Babar Bhatti

This is from a recent WIRED magazine gadget test issue. It shows the source of the different metals used in making of a mobile handset but I liked how it illustrates the components (screen, circuit board, [&hellip... Read More

Broadband Internet

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Triple Play In Pakistan

Published on December 22nd, 2006 | by Babar Bhatti

Triple play made its way to Pakistan. Triple Play service is a marketing term for the 3 services: high-speed Internet, Video (TV, Video on Demand) and telephone service – all over a single broadband connection. Wateen, PTCL and Nayatel are [&hellip... Read More

Competitive Trends

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MNP Issues in Japan

Published on December 21st, 2006 | by Babar Bhatti

As we wait for Pakistan to implement mobile number portability, let us take a look at the status of another recent MNP implementation – in Japan. As expected there were issues after MNP – but the nature of the issues [&hellip... Read More

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